James’ Updated Zipp 303’s


  • // Hubs

    Hope RS Mono

  • // Rims

    Zipp 303 Carbon/Alloy

  • // Spokes & Nipples

    Sapim CX-Ray – Alloy
    Carbon Spoke Ties

  • // Lacing Pattern

    Front – 18 Hole Radial
    Rear – 24 Hole Two Cross

  • // Weight

    Front – 773g
    Rear – 939g
    Pair – 1712g
    (without rim tapes)

  • James bought a set of Boyd 44mm Clinchers earlier in the year and recently got in touch for me to fix up his old battered Zipp 303’s for his second bike.

    They now look 100 times better than before and there will be a massive difference in ride quality with the stiffer hope hub, 2x lacing and carbon spoke ties.

    Message from James after his first ride:

    “I took those 303s you rebuilt for me out for a thrash today – first ride on them. Just wanted to say you did an awesome job on them – they feel like completely different wheels. Way stiffer and more responsive than before…they just feel fast. Superb work mate – well done”


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