Pretty And Strong


  • // Hubs

    Chris King R45 – Custom Paint

  • // Rims

    Boyd Altamont Lite

  • // Spokes & Nipples

    Sapim CX-Ray – Brass

  • // Lacing Pattern

    Front – 24 Hole Two Cross
    Rear – 28 Hole Three Cross

  • // Weight

    Pair – 1515g
    (with rim tapes)

  • // Price

    £1390 (with Paint)
    £1290 (Standard)

  • This set was loads of fun, Custom painted Chris King R45 hubs in pink by Cole Coatings Workshop in Dulwich. Now living in Denamrk!

    Boyd Altmaont Lite rims are a firm favourite of mine for a do it all rim. Nice geometry – 24mm outside, 19.75mm inside 25mm deep and only 450g each. Tubeless ready too whoch seems to be industry standard now.

    Boyd also make a 30mm deep version which weighs nearer 500g and is super stiff. Both rims are available for rim brake and disc brake set ups.


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