P&K Lie Professional Wheel Truing Stand


At the 2008 Eurobike show I saw this glorious piece of German engineering and fell instantly in love. I saved all of my pennies and finally got my grubby mitts on one 18 months later! This is the king of all wheel truing stands. Literally. Super accurate in both radial and lateral run out, it makes wheel building even more enjoyable.

This stand is a standard issue piece of kit for good German bike shops but I can probably count on my fingers and toes how many people use one in the UK.

Morizumi Spoke Cutting & Threading Machine


Every Wheel Builder needs one of these. It allows me to cut every spoke down to the exact length required for each build. Spokes are supplied in 2mm increments and are often up to 1.5mm shorter than advertised on the box. With this incredible tool I can cut accurately in 0.5mm increments. Pretty cool eh?!

I can also cut down spokes you may already have in odd unusable sizes. For butted spokes I can usually cut up to 8mm off the length and for plain gauge spokes any amount can be removed. Trade customers also welcome.

Wheel Fanatyk Spoke Tensiometer


This is the most important tool for building great wheels. Uniform spoke tension is everything, if some of your spokes are working harder than others the whole thing will certainly start to fall apart. This tool is accurate to 0.01mm of spoke deflection which helps me keep everything evenly tensioned from extremely early on in the build.

Every wheel that leaves my stand has an average spoke tension variance of no more than 5% (usually within 3%), when talking about tensions of 120-130kgf that’s a pretty tight tolerance.


Wheel Truing & Rebuilding

As well as offering complete custom wheel sets I can also carry out repair work to your existing wheels. Performing a basic wheel true is relatively straightforward, but making sure it stays that way is more challenging. A large portion of time is spent checking every spoke and adjusting to achieve uniform spoke tension as well as trueness. Apart from a crash the root cause of wobbly wheels and broken spokes is uneven spoke tension!

Replacing worn or bent rims is another one of my specialities. Your hubs will be good to see many rims in their lifetime so long as you keep them regularly maintained.

Hub Servicing

Your hubs are the heart of your wheels and will outlast many rims if you take good care of them. I can service many different brands of hubs including Chris King, DT Swiss, Hope, Shimano, Royce, White Industries, Aivee, Goldtec, Campagnolo and many many more. Servicing of all Chris King parts is undertaken including BB’s and headsets.

Worn or damaged bearings are replaced using Enduro Bearings (except for CK hubs) and are available in standard steel or stainless. Please see the ‘Ordering & Pricing’ page for prices.

Spoke Cutting & Re-Threading

With my Morizumi spoke cutting and threading machine I can custom cut your spokes and re-roll perfect threads. I can cut 8-10mm off butted and bladed spokes and also cut plain gauge spokes in 14g or 15g to any length.

I can either supply brand new spokes cut to your required lengths or I can cut spokes you already have, just drop them by or post them to me. Please note that I can only cut and re-thread new spokes. Trade customers are also very welcome. For prices see ‘Ordering & Pricing’ page.

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