Here is a step by step guide on how to correctly use the Noble Hub Bearing Install Set.

This tool is designed to install bearings using stackable stainless steel drifts and brass guide axles, insuring correct alignment.

  • Before You Start

    You should already have your hub disassembled - hopefully using our dedicated axle and bearing extractor tools ;) You will also need a soft faced hammer and a bench vice to use this tool set.

  • Step 1

    Indentify the bearings that require installation. Here we have 6802 x 3 and 15267 x . These all have 15mm bores so we've selected the 15mm dummy axle and the correct stainless steel drifts.

  • Step 2

    secure the drift with vice flats to one side your bench vice. This allows clearance for the dummy axle to pass.

  • Step 3.1 (Spacer Tube Systems)

    Installing one bearing at a time is best practice. I would always suggest to install the inner bearing (closest to hub shell) first for a freehub or the DS bearing in a hub shell. This ensures correct spacing between the hub shell and any freehub seals etc. To install the bearing slip the other drift and axle guide together and tap with a hammer.

  • Step 3.2 (Spacer Tube Systems)

    Once the first bearing is installed, slide bearing two and the spacer tube onto the dummy axle and insert this through the first bearing. A few gentle taps with the hammer and the bearing will be in square with the spacer tube correctly aligned. There is an obvious pitch change once the bearing is seated correctly.

  • Step 4.1 (Captive Axle Systems)

    Again following the one bearing at a time method we will fit the drive side hub shell bearing first. Stacking drifts on the dummy axle as pictured is the preferred method.

  • Step 4.2 (Captive Axle Systems)

    Place the hub shell onto the drift secured in the vice (without the NDS bearing).

  • Step 4.3 (Captive Axle Systems)

    Slide the stacked drifts & DS bearing on the dummy axle through the assembly and tap with a hammer until the DS bearing is seated correctly.

  • Step 4.4 (Captive Axle Systems)

    Remove the hubshell and place the NDS bearing on the Hub axle into the vice mounted drift. Note: For different bearing sizes here you may need to stack drifts.

  • Step 4.5 (Captive Axle Systems)

    Place the hubshell and the stacked drifts over the axle. Now tap the top of this assembly with a hammer until the change of pitch as described in step 3.2

  • You're Done

    Bearings are now installed into the freehub and hub shell ready for the hub to be re-assembled.