Dead Blow Hammer

Dead Blow Hammer

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The only tool you need in the toolbox. This 1KG beast of a whacker is perfect for truing wheels, aligning derailleurs, fitting headsets, making tea, defeating THOR etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. 


  • Weight // 1KG
  • Solid Brass & Acetal replaceable faces (replacement faces available here soonish)
  • Head is machined from EN8 & Handle is T45 
  • The ONLY grip - ODI Longneck

On a serious note - I didn't make these from stainless steel because......boring. This beauty will gather a lovely patina in the workshop. The more muddy puddles you splash in the better. 

There is NO UK VAT to pay on this tool - Noble Wheels is not a UK VAT registered company. Import TAX/duty may be payable to your local courier prior to delivery if ordering from outside the UK.