Digital Dishing Gauge (for lacing jig)

Digital Dishing Gauge (for lacing jig)

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Customers in NORTH AMERICA and CANADA please order your DRO from WHEELFANATYK in the USA.


Digital Dishing Gauge for the Noble Lacing Jig - turn your lacing jig into a super accurate dishing tool and put a dish number to your finished build! 

This attachment works by measuring the dish range of a wheel. Firstly the wheel needs to be true - the straighter the better. Pop the wheel in your #noblelacingjig and bring the DRO arm up to touch the axle then press the zero button. Flip the wheel over and bring the DRO arm up to touch the axle again. The number on the screen is your dish range and centre dish is the number displayed divided by 2. Generally I would deem a range of 0.50mm to be acceptable but there’s no harm in going better! If you’re building with an offset like the Cannondale AI with a 6mm offset then you’d be looking for a range of 12mm on your DRO. Also this is a really handy tool for accurately offsetting rims for changes in dish caused by tubeless tyre systems.

“Does this fit my jig??” I hear you ask! Well the answer is yes! If you have the newer version of the jig with the laser marked brass axle adapters and the cross drilled hole on the main hub support, then you just need to order the DRO unit.

If you have one of the older versions then you need to order the new hub support with the cross drilled hole as well as the DRO unit from the drop down menu. The new support is priced at a very subsidised price of £5. Turn your old one into a lightsaber handle or something :)

There is NO UK VAT to pay on this jig - Noble Wheels is not a UK VAT registered company. Import TAX/duty may be payable to your local courier prior to delivery if ordering from outside the UK.