Handmade Ballpoint Pen

Handmade Ballpoint Pen

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I've been busy in the workshop finishing off a small batch of solid metal pens made from a mixture of brass and stainless steel. There are 5 pens in total available. Laser marking is available for an additional cost of £10. Please also add laser marking to your basket and message me with the text you’d like adding to the pen.

Pens are supplied with a medium black Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge and a Mala black faux leather pouch.

I've used a twist mechanism so to expose and retract the nip you turn the top part you need to make two complete turns. 

As the pen barrels are made from brass they will react over time and develop their own natural patina, which can range from deep gold to brown and even greens. To bring the pen back to "new" you can use pretty much any metal polish.

Weight: 38g

Length: 107mm

Diameter 10mm